Justin David Blau also known as “3LAU” is an American DJ in which he produces music such as Progressive house, Electro house, Deep house and Synth-wave. Justin has performed in many music festivals such as Electric Zoo in New York, EDC Las Vegas, and Life is Beautiful in Las Vegas. 3lau was also rated one of the fastest rising DJ producers with a total fan base of 2M.



Golden Landis Von Jones also known as “24KGOLDN” is a young talented singer/rapper, music composer and scholar. Golden is well known for his popular tracks “Ballin’ Like Shareef” and “Valentino”. With just 4 months on the market, his song “Valentino” established 5 million streams across Youtube, Spotify, and Soundcloud with a follower count of 40k and 3M monthly listeners on Spotify.


NICK Hissom

Nick Hissom is an English-Born celebrity who after pursuing international modeling opportunities launched his career as a pop singer. Hissom has grown wide acclaim in America and Europe with a growing social media presence of 190k and 13k monthly listeners on Spotify.